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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Bowery

Here's a small selection of flyers and posters I've been putting together for The Bowery in Sheffield.

So true...

Pretty much the story of my life since finishing university...


Like what seems to be the rest of the world, I'd joined Twitter... not really understanding what its about, or maybe I don't see the inner genius of it all. As far as I know you just leave statuses on it, and people can read them. Much like a facebook account but this one is just for statuses.

I'm currently following Stephen Fry but I guess I'm too much of a small fry for him to take notice of me... *sniff*

find me on Twitter: getaloadageo

Jonny Wan

I've known this geezer for quite some years and I'm happy to see he's back in Sheffield so I can meet him for coffees again. Nice.

Click here and look at his illustration work, he's had clients I could only dream of having and he's on a different playing level. Brilliant character illustrations with nice colour palettes, vectored to a sharp quality. His typography work ain't too bad either.



Welcome To The Arcade

Unless you don't already know I'm currently residing within Arcade, a new shop on Devonshire Street. We've been opened since July and seeing things picking up recently with the students back.


I've been involved with looking after The Hantu Collective label and printing workshop in the back room and it's been fun (and a little hectic). Me and other artist Jay and Asmahan have also put our personal touch into the shop and painted the walls, drawing big has never been more fun really.



Next time you take a trip to the Forum then you'll be able to spot us opposite Ark. Come by and admire the art, clothes and homeware we have in store.

Plug over.


My T-Shirt In The Top Ten of Swish Swosh

I'm pretty happy to announce I've made it in the top ten at Swishswosh.com with my "Love Games" design. It was the design I was hoping would make it, as I'm sure there are many game geeks out there like me who see what I tried to do with this.

For a whole month they will count the sales for the tees and who ever has the most hits will win some cash prize money... heres hoping I get a whiff of that.