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Sunday, 21 February 2010

This Is Chemistry Wall Mural Video

Heres the first video of my first day at This Is Chemistry in Bradford, doodling on their pristine white wall. This piece was based around the whole idea of building and putting together ideas, so the idea of little robots constructing a giant robot came about, again I really enjoyed putting together little scenes and hidden gems within this piece.

Ledgard Jepson Wall Art Video

I'd forgotten to upload this to the blog, but here's the video footage of the day I spent at Ledgard Jepson's studio doodling away on a perfectly pristine white wall. Why they allow me to do such thing I do not know, but its great fun none the less!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

This Is Chemistry Wall Mural

The past week I've been in Bradford for 2 days drawing on the walls of This Is Chemistry, a PR and Design agency with a beautiful studio space and wonderful friendly staff.

The idea behind the illustrations on the walls are based around process and robots as fun decor for clients and staff to enjoy, I've certainly enjoyed doodling away for them even though I've mashed up most of my sharpies pen collection. Oh well. I've never drawn such intricate scenes before on such big spaces but it is a lot of fun and offers me room to add in hidden extras and easter eggs for people to spot.

I still have another 2 days to complete the job with one more wall illustration to start and to add spots of colour to rest of them. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

DQ Wall Mural Video

Finally managed to put together my video footage of the time I was painting the inside of DQ. Be it 2 minutes on film, it'd taken me something like 10 days to complete the job inside DQ. Big thanks to my pal Mat Atkinson for providing another pair of arms for painting!

Lord Bunn Poster Design

I'm a big fan of good poster design, especially if artists use the artwork as a means to display good imagery. This poster for Bungalows & Bears made by Lord Bunn is one of many good things coming from his pen and pad as of recent months. As well as having a nice sense of graphic design within this piece I'm a fan of the illustration itself.

Good Stuff.