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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Don't Panic Panda

This took me around a week to finish off, with a lot of starting and stopping. My housemate, Mat runs the Sheffield division of Don't Panic, a quirky promotions group originally from London (you may have seen their envelopes with flyers and limited edition posters in them).

Mat's been pestering me over the year to draw a panda with a machine gun for him and so I folded. Here it is and I quite like it, even though this particular panda looks a bit vicious. I think he's going to have this as a t-shirt and he's the only one who will have the print. How selfish!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Characters as... costumes!

So how do you think Walt Disney felt like when he first saw a 7ft Mickey Mouse costumed staff member walk around his first Disney Land park? Probably not as overwhelmed as I was when I saw my Speeka Peeps characters and cat doodle being made into costumes themselves.

They were created and designed by me and Ceri Rimmer who is also a kick ass seamstress who works on her own line of clothing, Cherry Head. We created the costumes for the Hantu Presents fashion show at Sheffield Cathedral, the characters would add a bit more fun to the catwalk and would be handing out flyers beforehand.
It was pretty neat seeing my own creations come to life... even if they were just friends wearing the costumes and acting daft!

The Stars In Stripes

I've become a very lazy blogger, especially with the amount of work that has come my way recently and the kerfuffle of not having internet access at the new house I was living in AND then having to move out of one property into another... but I shall vow to get straight back on to the blog stuff.

In case you didn't know I wanted to create a group for the live artists to work under so we can share contacts and opportunities and just have more banter between us. The idea then became the Stars In Stripes, a group that wear Stripes whilst live drawing, simple concept really, anyone can join as long as they wear their stripes!

I've put together a blog for this to journal our doodling exploits.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Unfinished Monster Project...

've posted this up early as it looked a finished piece, even though it's meant to be part of a bigger piece. I'm entering a competition called "Imaginary Beings" held by the Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff where the brief is to illustrate a beast of mythical context, with free reign over style. It's been a while since I've done anything truly fun and self initiated so I wanted to give this one a go.

The monster I'll be illustrating is the Chimera, the mythological beast from Greek folklore with a head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a snake. Random as it is, a platypus probably would have been a better idea, but once I've started, I just have to finish...