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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Protect Ya Neck Son

I've put this design together for The Hantu Collective to give to GZA when he plays his gig in Liverpool on the 21st April. Hopefully his entourage will like this.


I'd been asked by Cow in Sheffield to put together a wall mural piece that takes up the stair case of the store. It was a cool project to work on mostly because they gave me full creative freedom to do what I wanted on their wall, but admittedly I stuck close to what I was comfortable with. This time I wanted to add more elements in the piece so you'd notice there are plenty of mini stories dotted around the wall space.

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My nod to the Park Hill Flats

Sheffield has plenty of skaters flying and tumbling around

How it looks from the top of the stairs. My nod to Kelham Island

I <3 SY

My nod to the Tinsley Towers

Get away

Havin' a pint