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Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Illustration & developing style

So this weekend in between hanging out in the sunshine and watching the football I've been playing around with drawing and water colours, I'm always kind of conscience about where my illustrative style heads towards as I've felt over the past year I've stamped my look.

But like a musician you never want to sit still and be pigeon holed into one thing so I like to have a play around. I've worked on these 2 pieces, "My Friend Yuriko" and "Gorilla in the Mist" over the weekend, mixing it up on my graphics tablet. They're more or less extensions of the previous piece "Tiger Splash" where I've used that as a t-shirt design for Hantu Collective, I've still yet to decide if the "Gorilla in The Mist" piece will make a suitable t-shirt print. My Friend Yuriko is just a little portrait piece I've been playing around with, she asked me a while back to draw her and I felt this was good timing to try something new.

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