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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stars in Stripes Launch Evening

A couple of nights ago was the launch of the first Stars in Stripes exhibition, and I can say it was a grand launch. I wouldn't want to go into the whole prepping and building of the show as it was a lot of hard graft but a rewarding experience when we saw scores of Sheffield folk making the trip to Rotherham to come see us and support us.

Through out the day there was plenty to do with cleaning and mounting the work and setting up the bar, but after a few bottled of ale, all that didn't seem to matter. I was really happy with the amount of work on show from all of the 12 artists and it really hit me to see how far we'd all come since creating the Stars in Stripes group. We've secured jobs from Sheffield City council and Fright Night as well decorating bars such as The Harley and The Wick at Both Ends, sometimes you forget about these things and how much work is involved.

A big thanks has to go Peter Martin who's had to put up with all of us artists, and he's become someone I consider as a good colleague at the end of it, I hope out of all of us he feels the most smug about how the show was pulled off. I wouldn't go so far to say it was a total Berlin vibe on the night but it really wasn't that far off, taking a step back and seeing skateboarders hurling themselves around the space doing tricks was a little far from the norm but created an independent vibe which I've never experienced before at an exhibition opening.

To see more pictures from the evening they'll be posted on the
Stars in Stripes website here.

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