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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Live Decorating at the Wick At Both Ends

The Wick at Both Ends is a nice humble bar on Sheffield's busy West Street. The main guy, Frankie asked me to bring some art into the place by doodling on the walls, I brought in the Stars In Stripes to chip in some ink on the walls and after 4 hours of drawing the results looked brilliant. I've developed a penchant for drawing birds and wild life as of late, something I never used to draw as a kid, but drawing animals is pretty fun.

The more I draw with this group the more proud I become, everyone's work and style is growing and you can sense that we're all influencing the encouraging each other too.

We aim to push more work through the Stars In Stripes and hopefully get more wall mural work around the city, bars and clubs aren't too a start but eventually, who knows? Maybe an exhibition would be great and there's talk of working on bigger walls. Only time can tell with what our group can and will do but I'm always looking forward to seeing what happens.

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